Friday, August 2, 2019

Returning to College Essay

At the beginning of 2013 I had a discussion with my co worker about returning back to school, and the I was indecisive on what I wanted to major in. So she suggested that I do online courses, and major in Organizational Management since I wanted to become a manager within the company I am currently employed. She referred me to Ashford University, and I must say that I am very happy that she referred me to this university because it works perfectly with my work schedule. In 2002 I was accepted into Lemoyne Owens University back in Memphis,  Tennessee to major in Child Development and Education because I wanted to be a elementary school teacher. I did not attend the university because the university wanted my parents to pay more in tuition than what they were offering me in Financial Aid. At the time student loans was not an option for me for I decided to attend a Junior College instead. My first year and a half at Laney Junior College I took cosmetology classes because Laney did not offer Child Development courses and the other junior colleges classes were full. I graduated with my Associates Degree in Cosmetology in 2004, and  returned to receive my Associates Degree in Business Administration. Although I started off taking business courses I ended up switching my major to receive my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, because it would have taken 3 years to receive my degree in business admin. Once I graduated in 2006 with my Liberal Arts degree I decided not to go back to school after that although I wanted to. I decided to put all of my effort into my 3 job, until 7 years down the line one of my co workers who is also a student at Ashford University convinced me to return to school to get my Bachelor’s Degree. Returning back to school was frequently on my mind but I did not know how to fit it in with my busy work schedule, and I felt that my writing skills were not up to the college level like they should be. Obtaining a higher degree is very important to me because it can possibly help me in the long run career wise. I would love to own my own business some day, particularly my own day care center. I also would like to be an accountant and possibly have my own accounting business. There are times that I feel that my job gets in the way of me completing my school work. So I try to set time aside each day to complete at least one discussion each day and try to complete my assignments and responses over the weekend. There are things that tend to get in the way of those plans so I just end up staying up late to complete my work. I try my hardest not to let any obstacles get in my way but I can’t predict my life and each step as much as I wish that I could. I plan on graduating next year with my Bachelor’s in Organizational Management and then try to obtain my degree in Accounting. Returning back to school has so far been one of my best life decisions thus.

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