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Challenges and security issues Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Challenges and security issues - Research Paper Example Therefore, the organization failed to follow the standards laid down in testing the product before releasing it to the market. That led to the soft ware problem. Laudon (2011) says that in regard to technology, MacAfee’s system failed to detect possible dangers the product was posing to consumers using the windows XP and Service Pack 3, which was widely used in desktop PC configuration. In this case, technological factors played a significant role in MacAfee’s soft ware problem. Question 2 MacAfee lost a significant number of its customers as a result of the software problem. Actually, the company lost loyalty of its key clients after their computers crushed as a result of antivirus updates. According to Laudon (2011), the company lost most of its customers as a result of management’s sluggish response to the crisis, and the company’s initial effort to ignore the issue’s impact to the consumers. MacAfee’s reputation in the corporate business environment was dented as a result of its misleading reaction to the technical hitches on its systems. On the other hand, consumers’ businesses were affected as a result of their computers being crippled. According to Laudon (2011), this slowed down the normal operation of consumers’ businesses; hence leading to loses and idle time in labor. ... This was contrary to the fact that a significant number of clients were affected. Question 4 MacAfee’s management should come up with a set of standards meant to ensure adherence to testing procedures. This will facilitate efforts meant to determining a product’s quality before being released into the market. According to Laudon (2011), this will help to curb any deterrent effect a product may have on consumers. Chapter 8: How Secure is the Cloud Question 1 With respect to the security problem of tracking unauthorized activity, this can be controlled using a cloud vendor. According to Laudon (2011), this is a public company whose mandatory requirement by law is to disclose how it manages information. On the other hand, the problem can be controlled by use of cloud vendor that allow subscribers to choose where their cloud computing work takes place. Question 2 People who contribute to security problems in the cloud include those who hack into data bases and try to access companies’ information. They do this despite the fact that information stored within the subject databases is unauthorized to them. According to Laudon (2011), these people pose a security threat to companies’ information as they subject them to unauthorized alterations. In addition, organizations contribute to unauthorized access as they fail to pay attention to their security practices. Laudon (2011) agrees that they fail to secure their infrastructure. Lastly, the high cost of technology contributes to security problems. That is because of the dynamics and high costs associated with advanced technology. Most firms cannot afford secure systems for them to store and back

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