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My Personal Essay †Creative Writing Class Short Story

My Personal Essay – Creative Writing Class Short Story Free Online Research Papers My Personal Essay Creative Writing Class Short Story Night over the city, silence and darkness came out of their forbidden ground. Children are sleeping, adult are lying on their own pluck. All of them escaping from the gloom and blue, but there was still some exception. Yellow helmets checked. Touches checked. Group of tiny manikins were standing by a huge iron gate, pushing and pulling other in order to enter the mansion which was hidden at the back of the forest up on the top of the hill. Finally, Arrival committed. The main door of the castle, winds of early winter puffed, little hands touched the chilled handle. Door opened, dust and cobweb wafted everywhere. Nothing was left behind, but a long haul of screech†¦ â€Å"Then, what happened next?† I sat in my own chair, watching my own elder brother who was lying on my bed vapidly. My attitude was such emotionless that frosted him to sit up and kept the same horizontal eye sight with me. â€Å"You really don’t are about this, right?† I raised my eye braw. â€Å"I do care about it, that’s what you want me to say so, Ted?† My brother rose with excitement. Then, he went straight to my door â€Å"If you do care about it,† and held on the handle. â€Å"As you have said that, then let’s take care of them today.† He opened the door, my cousins lunged into my dormitory. I give my brother an astonished look, and what I received, was a bright guiltless smile. Whenever I found this kind of smile on him face, I knew he was up to something. Who tell me to have such immoral brother? A well-known hacker, Phantom, whose original face was my dearest elder brother. The two kids saw me. They immediately run to my front. â€Å"Long time no see. How are you?† â€Å"Stop using such tone of speaking, can you?† I knock their head with a smooth punch. â€Å"Even adult will not talk like this.† They give me with a warm smile as response. As I have relaxed down myself, they took out their hand suddenly. â€Å"Trick or treats!† I was shocked. They looked at me as if they yearned to something. My brother also, looked at me with interest. I felt some warmth came up to my neck and until my cheek. I scratched my ear, pretended to be calm enough to continue my speaking. â€Å"I don’t think take of them really related to the incident happened in the mansion on the hill.† I confused. â€Å"They all happen because today is Halloween.† He convinced. â€Å"You’re liar.† Turn my head, held my cousins little hands, and walked out the room. My brother tried to shout down my superciliousness. â€Å"Why can’t you trust me once?† I turned my head back, and gave him a smile. â€Å"Okay, I trust you.† Children were running on the street, neighbors burst out with laugher, and what I was doing, was to take care this two kids. My neighbor, Mrs. Doga, patted their head and gave them tons of candies and chocolate which filled up their wizard hat. Mrs. Doga also handed me some, so, I let out my hand and received the gift. At that moment, I felt some strange thing pulled my skirt. I looked down, and my brother also looked down to see what happened to me. It was a girl. A girl who held her hand out to ask for candies with a pure smile standing by my side. I leaded her to the front of Mrs. Doga. Mrs. Doga’s turned white immediately, and shut her door. My brother and cousins pointed the girl their trembling fingers, and muttered. â€Å"She†¦she is not a human.† I looked at them, and then looked at the girl, finally, I looked back my relatives. â€Å"Oh, she is a ghost.† Ted flapped my head. â€Å"How can you be such emotionless? That is a ghost, a GHOST!† I kneed down and examined the girl, she gave me a huge bright smile. â€Å"But she is cute.† after my conversation with Ted, the little girl gave me bear hug and held me tightly. I smile slightly and looked back to Ted, said. â€Å"Right?† The little girl raised her head, and stared at me. â€Å"I think you can help me.† What? We were in the front of the huge Iron Gate. Just like what Ted told me, wind blew and crow flew. The little girl’s face shone with happiness, my face was full of troublesome. What we were going to do, were to go deep inside the mansion and got the photographs of the little girl so that she can leave that haunted house. The cold handle cleared my mind, I have made up my mind, so I needed to finish this mission perfectly. The things that came to my sight first were countless cob webs and dust. I stepped inside the castle, the little child was in my front and my brother was at my back. The two kinds were still outside the door shaking in the freezing air outside. â€Å"Which photo you want me to take actually?† I asked the girl and she point straight in front of us, â€Å"that one.† We all looked at the painting. A huge 1.6m times 1m painting was in front of me. â€Å"I want to ask, how can we carry that out here?† the little girl smiled. â€Å"I don’t know.† At this moment, we both can only face the reality. Few days later, when mum came inside my room. â€Å"What’s that?† she shouted. Ted answered her while he was lying on my bed again. â€Å"Just a normal painting of a little girl.† When mum was still trapped in her astonishment, the little girls appeared in front of my mum. I stood up and said to my mum. â€Å"Mum, she is going to live with us together for the rest of our life, I think.† and what we left, was a long haul of screech again. Then, we lived happily ever after, I think. Research Papers on My Personal Essay - Creative Writing Class Short StoryThe Hockey GameThe Spring and AutumnQuebec and Canada19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenInfluences of Socio-Economic Status of Married MalesComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoHip-Hop is ArtThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationMarketing of Lifeboy Soap A Unilever Product

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Global strategy & competitivness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Global strategy & competitivness - Essay Example It is therefore a whole package affair where ingenuity in attaining competitive edge is a necessity. This paper will delve on Microsoft Corporation in regards to the above stated international business strategies while making comparison with its competitor: Google. Microsoft Corporation Core competencies of any firm need to offer real prospects of a wider market, contribute heavily towards the end product and above all, they should be hard to imitate. Leveraging on core competencies has become a contemporary strategic issue for firms especially those that offer technological products. However, a firm must identify these competences before capitalizing on them. Microsoft started by dividing its technological products into separate families. Some of the families include Office, Windows and MSN among others. The company then maps out these core competencies to fit its capabilities in delivering high quality and consumer friendly products. The major core competencies for Microsoft are ma inly those that ultimately lead to high revenue generation and improved product development such as licensing, advanced infrastructure and software development among others (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 128). The company labels the above competences as Microsoft Competencies. These competencies assist the customers in differentiating the available skills and expertise. In developing core competences a firm should be enlightened on customer needs in the individual markets they serve especially in case of international companies. Microsoft uses the competencies to bring together all its business partners and their collaborative activities. Microsoft products offer a high level of connection for the customers. They connect the customers to many choices for example in business management and operation e.g. through Office and a range of operating systems. The products also come with guaranteed flexibility where customers are able to make certain products suit their particular needs for exam ple as pertaining to software usage. It is also important to note that for these aspects to remain as core competences for this long, Microsoft has invested a great deal over the years in research and development (R&D). Through R&D, the products become more sophisticated while considering their functionality in the wider global market (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 209). This is the same factor that renders Microsoft products difficult to imitate. One notable characteristic in utilizing core competencies is that they do not wear out in respect to their importance but in turn are enhanced for attainment of higher competitive advantage. Microsoft Product Differentiation Based on Markets Operations on a global scale prove tricky, time consuming and resource exhausting. Microsoft has adopted a differentiation strategy so as to gain competitive advantage over its competitors in United Arab Emirates. The main differentiation of Microsoft products lies in the language and product customization to fit Arabic speaking customers. Microsoft products for example the Office Suite is compatible with Arabic language and even culture. Features such as thesaurus and grammar checker have been incorporated in Arabic which facilitates the user-friendly aspect of Microsoft’s products not only in the UAE but also in the rest of the Arab World (Ireland, Hoskisson and Hitt 2008).

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Crtical thought Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Crtical thought - Annotated Bibliography Example This article will be relevant to the debate question because it will illustrate the relevance of agriculture and land use in the environmental well-being of the human species. If man opts to stay away from eating meat, his next alternative is a plant-based diet, all of which stems from agriculture. Once it has been established that agriculture has severe consequences on the world’s well-being, then it may not be sustainable to advocate for a vegetarian diet. This report will thus render support to one side of the argument by showing how dietary choices have an effect on economic and land activities hence environmental outcomes in the long run. The author affirms that it is not necessary to eliminate meat from the diet. In fact, he even adds that meat has certain nutritional benefits that man can enjoy. However, they explain that the health problems emanating from meat are due to high saturated fat content rather than the actual meat. Therefore, they believe that if meat is trimmed, then it can be quite helpful to the body. Mann (2000) started with the hunter gatherer model in which he studied the plant and animal ration. It was found that there was a significantly high animal content in their diet but because the meat was mostly game, it had relatively low fat content. However, this gradually changed when animals became domesticated as the fats deposited increased. Gut morphology also supports an omnivorous diet in which the size of the colon, small intestine and caecum are all suitable for a combination of meat and plants. Therefore, most western diets are problematic because they have not stayed consistent to the evolut ionary aspect of man’s physiology This journal article will provide strong scientific evidence on the usefulness of meat in the human diet. Its reliance on evolutionary data by anthropological experts, nutritionists as

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Pips distress at the end Essay Example for Free

Pips distress at the end Essay Thus Pip pleads with Ms. Havisham explaining the reasons why he cannot play. He begs Ms. Havisham to empathize with him. We can already see the reasons of Pips distress. He has entered an unfamiliar and frightening environment against his will. He is afraid of Ms Havisham and although he is awestruck by Estellas beauty, he is to some extent afraid of her scorn and her arrogance. Ms Havisham then asks Pip to call Estella, when he tells her he cannot play. Ms. Havisham instructs Estella to play cards with him. Estella is reluctant to do so, she thinks of Pip as beneath her and refers to him as a common labouring boy. Estella mocks Pip for referring to the knaves as jacks. She also derides his coarse hands and thick boots. Pip respects Estella since he feels that she is a part of high society. Pip like most people is concerned with wealth and wants to become rich. Later in the story we can see his obsession with becoming a gentleman. However Pip feels that all members of the elite classes and the prosperous are meant to be idolized and their opinions or judgments valued. This causes him to agree with Estella. As Pip says- I had never thought of being ashamed of my hands before; but I began to consider them a very indifferent pair. Her contempt for me was so strong, that it became infectious and I caught it. Here Pip is humiliated and mocked by Estella. She makes him feel that he is coarse, common and unfit to be in a noble house. This further reduces Pips self-confidence. Ms. Havisham then asks Pip for his opinion of Estella, to which he replies that she is proud, pretty and insulting. He tells Ms. Havisham that he would like to go home. Ms. Havisham consents and tells Pip that he can have something to eat. She asks Pip when he will come again. He tells her that the present day is Wednesday. She interrupts him and tells him that she knows nothing of the days of the week and tells him to come again after six days. Here, too Ms. Havisham rebuffs Pip. She seems to suggest that knowledge of the days of a week is superfluous. Although her view is blatantly eccentric, Pip who regards the genteel as always right is more ashamed of himself and his commoness. Estella the leads Pip down to the courtyard. She rudely tells Pip to wait in the courtyard while she gets something for him. Pip says- She came back, with some bread and meat and a little mug of beer. She put the mug down on the stones on the stones of the yard, and gave me the bread and meat without looking at me, insolently as if I were a dog in disgrace. I was so humiliated, hurt, spurned, offended, angry, sorry- I cannot hit upon the right name for the smart- God knows what its name was- that tears started to my eyes. After Estella leaves Pip breaks down and weeps. He does so because he has been scorned, embarrassed and derided by the genteel, people who he now thinks of as admirable. Pips self-confidence has been destroyed. He feels that he is common and trivial. Pip realizes that someone he has admired all his life, is actually not respect-worthy. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Great Expectations section.

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Elton Mayo’s Hawthorne Experiments Essay example -- Business Managemen

Elton Mayo’s Hawthorne Experiments Biography of Elton Mayo George Elton Mayo was born on 26th December 1880 in Adelaide, South Australia. He was brought up by his respected colonial family. His father was a civil engineer who was married to Henrietta Mary nee Donaldson. They wanted their son, Elton Mayo to do well in his education and to succeed something in life. Mayo was looking forward to follow his grandfather’s path in medicine but, he failed his studies at university in Edinburgh, Scotland. In Great Britain, he wrote a book on Australian politics for the Pall Mall Gazette and taught at the Working Men’s College in London. Mayo returned to South Australia to work in an Adelaide Publishing organisation, where his management practices were not accepted. He went to university and he became the most intelligent student in philosophy. In 1912, he became a foundation lecturer and taught many subjects such as, philosophy, economics and new psychology of Pierre Janet (the French psychologist, who had researched the problems of repetitive and monotonous tasks in industry), at a newly established university in Queensland. In Queensland, Mayo married to Dorothea McConnell, who has been educated in landscape art at the Sorbonne. They had two daughters, Patricia and Ruth Elton Mayo. Patricia followed her father’s management thinking. Ruth became a British artist and novelist. Throughout the First World War, he served on government bodies and lectur...

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Functional Movement Integration

This is a personal health plan for a 50 year old woman who is diabetic, has had a heart attack and overweight by 30 pounds. More than seven million American women have diabetes, about the same number as men.Diabetes is a disease that forces your body to starve when it is full of food. Normally, your body takes last night’s dinner or this morning’s breakfast and turns it into a sugar called glucose. Then it dumps the glucose into your blood, where it teams up with insulin secreted by your pancreas. The insulin carries glucose into you muscles and organs, where it provides the energy for everything you do.A drop in available insulin or the body’s resistance to using that insulin can cause  Ã‚   metabolic mayhem. With diabetes, glucose builds up in the bloodstream because it is unable to gain admission to muscles and organs. It wears on the heart, kidneys and eyes and then it flows into the bladder and passes out of the body – leaving behind damaged organs starved for fuel.Left too long, in this situation, the body powers down: Symptoms you may have attributed to stress or growing older, can, if unheeded escalate into the complications of diabetes—heart disease, stroke, blindness or kidney failure.PhysicalPrevention is important here. That is why, they physical part of the 12 month personal plan involves losing weight. â€Å"The higher your weight, the higher your risk of diabetes,† say Richard Hamman, M.D. professor of preventive medicine at the University if Colorado School of Medicine in Boulder. You especially need to lose weight if your body is shaped like an apple—thick in the middle. More glucose in the blood makes the pancreas dump in more insulin. Eventually the whole system breaks down, says Dr. Kohrt.Women who are sedentary probably have a 25 to 40 percent increased risk of diabetes compared to women who are more active at the same weight,† Dr. Hamman says. You must be active physically. What do w e mean by this? It is like taking a walk in the morning, going up three or four flights of steps rather than taking elevators. It is doing these things every day.PsychologicalYou must visit a massage center and have a good massage, so that your body and nerves will become relaxed and full of energy. You must plan to do this the next time you find yourself edgy. You must get a Manual Lymph Drainage Massage.This is a process done to the body in order to improve the flow of the lymph rhythmic strokes. This is used in conditions when the body is already developing edema. The process is used in several massage spas and is a great way to detoxify the body. The massage can be readjusted to a low pressure of the hands for those afflicted with some bone disease.

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Synthesis Neo-Freudianism . One Of The Most Influential

Synthesis: Neo-Freudianism One of the most influential historians when it comes to psychoanalysis is Freud; after all, he developed the theory entirely from his own research. That said, Freud was most certainly not the last to discover new methods of analysis or theory regarding the human psyche. Neo-Freudians are individuals that challenged the theory and sought further understanding and progression in the field of psychology. On various occasions, many theorists seek further opinion from Freud yet found his disinterest in outside perspective as disrespectful and discouraging. Freud made it obvious that he did not wish to partner or embellish his own understanding through collaborative relationships. Challenging and discovering†¦show more content†¦Freud and Jung (despite several disagreements) believed that behavior is governed by instinct and archetypes. Horney disagreed with Freud and Jung in their assumption/belief that conflict is inevitable. Rather, if a child is rais ed in a comforting and socially safe environment (i.e. trust, tolerance, acceptance, love etc.), conflict can be avoided and resolved (Hall Lindzey, 1957). Adler’s concept states man is driven by social urges, activities, interest and life styles according to the environment in which a person is born into (Hall Lindzey, 1957). Erich Fromm also supported the theory that man has a distinct need for a connection with society and nature, freedom and bondage both come from societal pressures that man encounters (Hall Lindzey, 1957). Society expects individuals to censor their emotions, to avoid or repress feelings that may be socially unacceptable. Skinner points out that the stress associated with social norms can cause repressed aggression which eventually surfaces in other ways, hence the term â€Å"Freudian Slip† (Overskeid, 2007), when repressed emotional secrets come out unintentionally. The biggest supporter of psychology and its connection to society was Harry St ack Sullivan, an innovator in the field of psychology (Hall Lindzey, 1957). Sullivan taught that to look at an individual on a case study alone is only beneficial to understanding an observed personality, the