Sunday, August 18, 2019

Pablo Casals: Internationally Renowned Cellist Essay -- Biography Bio

Pablo Casals: Internationally Renowned Cellist Pablo Casals (sometimes called his original name Pau Carlos Salvidor Defillo De Casals) was one of, if not, the greatest cellists in history. Casals is easily recognized as one of the master soloists of classical music and he has many accomplishments in his many years as a public figure that have made him internationally renowned. Casals was born in Vendrell, Spain on December 29, 1876. He received his very first music lessons from his father (a music teacher), on the violin. A four years after that, at the age of twelve, Casals realized he would much rather play the cello instead, and begin lessons with that instrument. After nine years of study on the playing and the designing of the instrument at the Madrid Conservatory, Casals decided to improve the sound of the cello by making important modifications on the techniques of playing it. For this first accomplishment Casals made, which he thought of simply as "necessary to my performance", Pablo Casals was widely acclaimed as a master. He recei...

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