Thursday, January 23, 2020

Elton Mayo’s Hawthorne Experiments Essay example -- Business Managemen

Elton Mayo’s Hawthorne Experiments Biography of Elton Mayo George Elton Mayo was born on 26th December 1880 in Adelaide, South Australia. He was brought up by his respected colonial family. His father was a civil engineer who was married to Henrietta Mary nee Donaldson. They wanted their son, Elton Mayo to do well in his education and to succeed something in life. Mayo was looking forward to follow his grandfather’s path in medicine but, he failed his studies at university in Edinburgh, Scotland. In Great Britain, he wrote a book on Australian politics for the Pall Mall Gazette and taught at the Working Men’s College in London. Mayo returned to South Australia to work in an Adelaide Publishing organisation, where his management practices were not accepted. He went to university and he became the most intelligent student in philosophy. In 1912, he became a foundation lecturer and taught many subjects such as, philosophy, economics and new psychology of Pierre Janet (the French psychologist, who had researched the problems of repetitive and monotonous tasks in industry), at a newly established university in Queensland. In Queensland, Mayo married to Dorothea McConnell, who has been educated in landscape art at the Sorbonne. They had two daughters, Patricia and Ruth Elton Mayo. Patricia followed her father’s management thinking. Ruth became a British artist and novelist. Throughout the First World War, he served on government bodies and lectur...

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